Your New Reality Is Not Secure

June 24, 2020

Cyber Security APAC July 14-15

Dovid Clarke is a bit old school- he comes from the military as Army intelligence for 10 years, specializing in signals intelligence. From there, he working with Special Forces, served in Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. His experience in Afghanistan and Iraq gave him perspective on understanding the threat environment and understanding the difference between protect and attack. 

Hightened Cyber Security Awareness

He says he’s got a “heightened awareness, paranoia as it were. It's not all nice. It is a world of adversarial tactics.” It’s that background and mindset that has served as the foundation for his approach to the global pandemic.

Like the vast majority of his cyber security colleagues, Dovid’s Business Continuity Planning served his enterprise well we have all made it through to today somewhat smoothly. It’s been a full quarter of the year and there has not been a major spate of incidents above the trajectory of what was happening before the onset of this plague. “We've moved very quickly to this remote working paradigm. The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all change how we operate. It's made us embrace technology probably quicker than we thought and step through some speedy changes.”

Vulnerabilities not yet considered

But don’t be blinded by what seems to be rose-colored hindsight (to mix a few metaphors). “The reality is we've also opened ourselves up in the process- whether it's directly or indirectly- to vulnerabilities we hadn't necessarily considered. And we're going to go back to work in what we think is the new version of the old paradigm. And what are we taking with us?”

‘What are we taking with us’ is the construct for Dovid’s session at Cyber Security APAC right here on

5 Key Questions

The threat landscape has simply become too vast for cyber security executives to rest assured. We discuss the answers to five key questions to ensure that your new reality of remote work is more secure by the end of the day, week, month and year respectively:

  • Do you know your risk appetite?
  • Are you aligned with your enterprise risk process?
  • What’s your mix of protect (identify) and detect(respond and recover)?
  • How have you changed your communication patterns?
  • Is your team the innovation team?

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