Watch Tesla Cybertruck in tug of war against Ford F150 and size comparison

November 25, 2019

Tesla has released the tug of war video between the Tesla Cybertruck and a Ford F150 that they showed during the unveiling and it serves as an interesting size comparison.

In the build-up to the unveiling of the Tesla electric pickup truck, CEO Elon Musk made some comparisons to the Ford F150, one of the best-selling pickup trucks in the world.

Previously, he said that the Tesla Cybertruck would cost less than $50,000 and have better specs than the Ford F150.

During the presentation on Thursday, Musk again took a few shots at existing pickup trucks and he even singled out the Ford F150 by debuting a video of Ford’s flagship truck having a tug-of-war against the Tesla Cybertruck prototype.

Apparently, the Tesla Cybertruck was also driving uphill against the Ford F150.

The CEO has now released the video on social media:

As you can see, the Tesla Cybertruck easily won the tug-of-war, although to be fair, these competitions are all about traction, which can be affected by other factors than just the vehicles.

However, in general, electric motors are able to produce more torque quicker than internal combustion engines.

Ford, which is developing an all-electric F150, itself demonstrated that when they released a video of a Ford F-150 all-electric pickup prototype towing over 1 million lbs of train carts.

We have also seen Tesla Model X put to the test in tug of wars with a Hummer and a Land Cruiser.

Interestingly, Tesla’s tug-of-war video also offers a rare size comparison with another pickup truck:

The Tesla Cybertruck appears to be slightly bigger than the Ford F150 – although it’s difficult to tell from the video.

Depending on its configuration, a Ford F150 can be between 209-251″ in length, 80-86″ in width, and 75-79″ high.

Tesla hasn’t confirmed all the actual dimensions of the Cybertruck yet, but it confirmed that it is 231.7″ in length, 79.8″ in width and 75″ in height and Musk said on stage that it is roughly the same size as a Ford F150

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