The Future of Forensics on AI Systems

June 25, 2020

TF7 featuring Chief Research Officer & Strategist of Malicious Streams, Inc, Joel Yonts

Yonts suggests that the defining moments of a CISOs career are breaches.

Applying lessons learned during breaches of course ensures that your enterprise is protected from the known. But applied correctly, those lessons also have the potential to prepare you and your team for the unknown.

Episode Overview

CISO's are constantly striving to build effective enterprise cybersecurity programs to keep their companies out of the headlines.

Listen to Chief Research Officer and Strategist of Malicious Streams, Inc, Joel Yonts talk about how to build an effective Cyber Security program on Episode #139 of Task Force 7 Radio.

Mr. Yonts also gave CISO's advice on how to stay relevant with the board, the impacts of getting Incident Response wrong, emerging threats with SaaS, and the future of forensics on Artificial Intelligence systems.

Listen now:

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