Tesla’s head of UI departs, showing unseen Cybertruck and FSD images in the process

April 28, 2021

Tesla’s longtime head of user interface design has left the company, and he has published some images of previously unreleased UI design for the Cybertruck and Full Self-Driving software in the process. These designs were seen partially in the Cybertruck launch but never so clearly…

Pawel Pietryka was an art director at Apple before joining Tesla back in 2016.

He quickly became Tesla’s head of user interface design – a very important role at Tesla since the in-car experience revolves around large touchscreen with user interfaces.

According to his LInkedin profile, Pietryka left Tesla last month to create his own design firm called Moderne Grafik Anstalt.

Pietryka has been replaced as head of UI design at Tesla by Ben Cunningham, who came to Tesla last year from Facebook.

As part of Pietryka’s portfolio on his new firm’s website, the designer shared some images of his designs at Tesla.

Most of the images were of already released designs in Tesla vehicles and other products, like its mobile app, but there were also some new images of UI designs we haven’t seen before, at least not this clearly.

For example, the user interface of the Tesla Cybertruck was shown in a quick video:

The Cybertruck is not expected to hit the market until late 2021 or even 2022.

The prototype of the electric pickup truck unveiled in 2019 did feature a basic user interface, but we didn’t get a good look at it like in this new video.

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It doesn’t mean that it will be the final UI in the production version of the Cybertruck, but it’s still a closer look than we’ve got so far.

On the website, there was also a quick video showing the driving visualization of a Tesla using Full Self-Driving:

In the Full Self-Driving Beta program, Tesla has updated the driving visualization that renders the vehicle’s surroundings, but it includes a lot more information in an unrefined design than what is expected in the wider release version (via Chuck Cook):

Tesla is expected to release a new version of its Full Self-Driving Beta software to its wider fleet later this quarter, and it should have new driving visualization that should look more like the images released by Pietryka than what is seen in the current beta as shown above.

The images were quickly removed from Moderne Grafik Anstalt’s new website, but not before the images were picked up and shared online (hat tip to Max for sending them to us).

What do you think of the new images? Let us know in the comments section below.

Update: We’ve updated the post to reflect Pawel’s assertion that no images were leaked and they were in fact all previously released. Pawel did remove some of these images from his website after our publication.

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