Tesla got another 41,000 Cybertruck orders since yesterday

November 24, 2019

Another day, another tens of thousands of pre-orders and potential billions in future revenue for Tesla. In the 23 hours since we last heard an update from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Tesla has taken another 41,000 orders, bringing the total up to 187,000.

(Update: the total is now over 200,000.)

In the last pre-order update, Musk told us the mix of options, with most buyers picking dual and tri-motor configurations, and comparatively few picking the single motor base model. Our $1.6 billion potential revenue number assumes all base model trucks for simplicity’s sake.

Musk also reminded us that these pre-orders came “with no advertising and no paid endorsement.”

Of course, not everyone will follow through. Since the order is cheap and refundable, it’s likely many will drop out when it comes time to purchase the car. Some people have just reserved on a lark, on the chance that they might get the car early, or just out of curiosity.

Tesla often shares reservation numbers for new vehicles, at least if they’re impressive. With the Model 3, reservations cost 10 times as much ($1,000 versus $100 for Cybertruck), but the car managed to take 180,000 reservations in just one day.

The Cybertruck feat is a little less impressive, though the market is… perhaps rather smaller for a large truck, especially one with such a polarizing design. Also, the Model 3 had been hyped up as Tesla’s first “reasonably priced” vehicle, so there was a lot of pent-up demand — many of whom reserved before the unveiling. With Cybertruck, reservations only opened afterwards.

Nevertheless, Tesla Cybertruck’s pre-order pace is still astounding.

The design was quite controversial, and conversation about this truck has been on everyone’s lips this weekend. We’ve seen plenty of memes about it, and even a US congressman (and Tesla fan) got into the discussion.

Even if nobody follows through, Tesla just managed to secure another $18.7 million loan from its fans. At least that should be enough to offset the costs of the cool party they threw for us. And maybe some new window glass.

Update: Another 13,000 orders have come in since this article was published. The Cybertruck now has over 200,000 orders.

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