Tesla Cybertruck spotted at Gigafactory Texas makes people wonder if it’s a new one

May 14, 2021

A Tesla Cybertruck prototype was spotted at Gigafactory Texas, and it’s making people wonder if it could finally be a new prototype.

The Cybertruck was unveiled back in November 2019, and Tesla said that it planned to bring it to market by the end of 2021.

The automaker has also been talking about slightly updating the design of the electric pickup truck.

We still haven’t seen that updated design, which Elon Musk has been teasing to be unveiled any day, and as far as we know, Tesla only has the original Cybertruck prototype unveiled.

We hadn’t seen a Cybertruck prototype for over six months until it showed up at the Gigafactory Texas construction site a few weeks ago, and then Tesla brought it out again last week in New York.

Now just a few days later, a Tesla Cybertruck was spotted in a new drone flyover of Gigafactory Texas:

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The original Cybertruck prototype could have made it to Texas from New York, but it would have closed in just a few days.

Tesla does plan to build the Cybertruck at gigafactory Texas, and if it plans production by the end of the year, the automaker should have several prototypes for testing at this point.

Of course, the vehicle in the video is too far away to see any difference from the original prototype to confirm that it is a new vehicle.

Tesla is getting closer to start production at Gigafactory Texas, but it is going to start with Model Y.

Recently, the first Giga Press installed at the factory has recently been spotted being used — likely for validation and tuning.

As for Cybertruck, while the official timeline is still late 2021, Musk has been setting the stage for a potential delay into 2022.

The electric pickup truck requires new manufacturing techniques since it has been designed with a steel exoskeleton.

Tesla has warned that it could run into some challenges when deploying those new manufacturing techniques.

There are a lot of eyes on the program as Tesla has over half a million reservation holders for the electric pickup truck.

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