Tesla Cybertruck sighting shows best look at electric pickup’s bed and tailgate ramp

May 18, 2021

A new Tesla Cybertruck prototype sighting at Gigafactory Texas gives us our best look at the electric pickup’s bed and tailgate ramp to date.

Tesla has recently taken the Cybertruck on several rare public outings, but we generally always see the prototype in the same display context.

Over the last few weeks, a Tesla Cybertruck prototype has been spotted at Gigafactory Texas, where it is going to be built, several times.

Construction workers have shared several images and videos of the electric pickup truck prototype on social media.

In a new video of the Cybertruck at Gigafactory Texas, we actually see the electric pickup truck in a new position with its tailgate ramp fully deployed (via Cybertruck Owners Club):

That’s our first good look at the Cybertruck’s bed and tailgate in broad daylight.

The truck’s bed is one of the electric pickup truck’s coolest features.

Based on the specs released at the unveiling, the Tesla Cybertruck is equipped with a 6.5 ft. bed covered with a solid retractable tonneau strong enough to stand on.

The bed is covered to improve aerodynamic performance when driving.

When stopped, the tailgate can be opened and you can deploy the tailgate ramp, as seen in the new video above.

Another cool thing you can see in the video is Tesla’s adaptive air suspension lowering the back of the truck to make it easier to wheel things into the bed.

Tesla wrote about this feature in the Cybertruck:

“Raise and lower suspension four inches in either direction for easy access to Cybertruck or the vault, while self-leveling capabilities adapt to any occasion and assist with every job.”

The automaker demonstrated the feature by loading the Tesla Cyberquad, the automaker’s upcoming electric ATV, onto the Cybertruck’s bed.

The new video shows the back of the truck being a bit dirty, which could mean that Tesla is actually using the prototype to do some work around the Gigafactory Texas construction site.

It’s not only appropriate to showcase the vehicle where it is going to be built, but it’s also a great way to advertise to the hundreds of construction workers onsite – many of whom are pickup truck owners.

Tesla aims to bring the Cybertruck to production at Gigafactory Texas by the end of the year, but the automaker has also opened the door to a potential delay into 2022.

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