Tesla Cybertruck remote-controlled electric truck is delayed

December 17, 2020

The Tesla Cybertruck remote-controlled toys made by Mattel’s Hot Wheels has been delayed.

Hopefully, it won’t be followed by a delay for the actual electric pickup truck.

Remote-controlled Tesla toys

Earlier this year, we reported on Tesla partnering with Hot Wheels on two Cybertruck remote-controlled toys.

They started taking pre-orders in February when Mattel’s Hot Wheels announced two RC Cybertrucks:

Hot Wheels® packs the power and performance of the futuristic Cybertruck into two small-scale, remote-control vehicles: a track-compatible 1:64 scale and a limited-edition hobby grade 1:10 scale. It’s the only way to drive the Cybertruck in 2020!

The 1:64 scale Cybertruck is going to sell for just $20 while the bigger 1:10 scale will go for $400.

They said that they worked directly with Tesla to produce “three-dimensional prints of the Cybertruck’s unique frame at multiple scales to ensure accuracy and integrity of the revolutionary exoskeleton.”

Mattel announces delay

Now Mattel has started sending emails to people who reserved the bigger, and cooler, 1:10 scale Tesla Cybertruck to let them know that it has been delayed to May 2021:

The news of the delay comes after there have been rumors of the actual Tesla Cybertruck being delayed.

However, the rumors seem to mostly originate from an email that we shared earlier this month about Tesla trying to convince Cybertruck reservation holders to lease new Tesla vehicles amid an important end-of-year delivery push.

In the email, a Tesla representative mentions that the Cybertruck won’t be coming until 2022 when Tesla’s official timeline is late 2021, but the email might have been targeted to people that are further up the long waitlist.

That said, Elon Musk recently said that the Cybertruck timeline is tied to Tesla completing Gigafactory Austin in time and introducing new manufacturing techniques for the exoskeleton.

The CEO added that everything needs to go well for Tesla to deliver the Cybertruck by the end of 2021.

We should get a better idea of the timeline as Tesla works more on the Cybertruck side of Gigafactory Texas next year.

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