Tesla Cybertruck: Here are some of the coolest mods and attachments

December 12, 2019

The Tesla Cybertruck has sparked the imagination of some really creative people who have designed some crazy looking mods for the electric pickup truck.

Here are some of the coolest mods and attachments we have seen so far.

When Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck last month, the electric pickup’s radical design generated an incredible amount of discussion.

It appears to be very polarizing. People either hate it for being too simple and futuristic, while others praise it for its boldness and rugged qualities.

Some of the people who do like it include some creative design artists who are already imagining some possible modded versions of the Cybertruck and crazy attachments.

Tesla Cybertruck Mods

The Cybertruck is already rugged by most people’s standard, but automotive CG artist Arnold Verghese designed an even more rugged version of the electric pickup truck with even double wheels on the rear axle (by Arnold Verghese):

Tesla’s vehicles are already very good in the snow, thanks to the incredible torque of electric motors and the option for all-wheel-drive through dual motors.

Innov8 Design Lab went a step further and added tracks to the Tesla Cybertruck:

While we are still on the subject of off-roading, automotive artist Jon Sibal designed a widebody Tesla Cybertruck made for off-roading:

My widebody Cybertruck is back lifted to proper off-road height and moving earth… or stuck in a quick sand.

He made a cool animation for it:

CEO Elon Musk said that the Cybertruck was partly inspired by the “Warthog,” which is a truck in the video game Halo.

Artist Mo Aoun created some Warthog Cybertruck renders that clearly highlight the resemblance (via Mo Aoun):

Tesla Cybertruck attachment and accessories

Musk also already said that the Tesla Cybertruck is going to be offered with “sick attachments.”

The Tesla Cyberquad, an all-electric ATV, has already been confirmed as an option for Cybertruck buyers.

Some trailers are also expected to be offered, and we previously reported on a very interesting Cybertruck fifth-wheel trailer camper design:

As a special mention, what about a whole house as an accessory for your new Cybertruck?

Russian architect Alexander Nerovnya came up with an interesting house concept inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck (via Alexander Nerovnya):

Nerovnya also designed a camper trailer that would match the design of the Tesla Cybertruck:

Electrek’s Take

Some of these are really impressive.

Of course, there’s a big difference in the effort needed to create renders versus actual products, but I think a lot of people will offer third-party modifications and attachments for the Cybertruck.

The potential of the specs and the design invite those modifications.

I also think that Tesla will try to offer some themselves, but I think there will be an interesting aftermarket for the Cybertruck.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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