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October 7, 2020

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Titled Security in Motion, the virtual event focuses on protecting the modern endpoint. Global corporate enterprise has forever been redesigned to a mobile first stance. In response, the Summit unpacks key issues associated with CISOs continuing the evolution to securing that mobile reality.

Taking place December 2, 2020, Security in Motion is an interactive virtual event showcasing key practices, case studies and policies on protecting data accessed from modern endpoints, outpacing adversaries and gaining true visibility over the collective new threat landscape.

As a reaction to the increasing volume, sophistication and impact of cyber attacks amidst the global pandemic, Cyber Security Hub and Lookout, the leader in mobile security, have put together a virtual summit with sessions focusing on phishing, challenges and opportunities in the modern endpoint security and zero trust amongst others.

A recent report released by Lookout in June showed a 37% increase in mobile phishing in the first quarter of 2020, costing as much as $35 million per incident for organizations with 10,000 mobile devices.

This virtual summit will be held across three time zones, allowing cyber security executives globally to join in and hear from their industry peers on strategies to tackle the rapidly developing threat environment. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in live Q&A with industry experts at the end of each session as well as network and chat with one another.

Key Topics Include:

  • From the Frontlines: Threats for Your Mobile Fleet
  • Gone Phishing? How Hackers Use Mobile Devices as Bait
  • Security vs. Privacy: Why can't you have it all?
  • Zero Trust? Don't Forget Your Mobile Fleet
  • New Guidance for Mobile Security
  • Risky Business: Managing Application & Mobile Vulnerabilities
  • A First Look at Mobile EDR: Threat Hunting in Motion
    Securing Your Remote Workforce
  • The Future of Modern Endpoint Security: Challenges & Opportunities

Join us for an interactive event showcasing key takeaways on controlling data through modern endpoints, outpacing adversaries and gaining true visibility over our collective new threat landscape.

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