ESG Talks Implications Of An Evolving Cyber Landscape With AccessIT [Video]

May 25, 2018

In this video interview, ESG Principal Analyst, Mark Peters, discusses the concept of discrete generations of security with Joe Luciano, CEO and VP of Sales for AccessIT Group.

Set against the 2018 RSA Conference, the cyber experts chat about everything from shifting customer requirements and the complexities of IoT, to the disconcerting spike in sophistication of today’s hackers in the era of fifth-generation cyber-attacks.

Talking Points

Luciano describes the higher stakes in today’s security operations, along with the “versatility of the digital domain.”

Are a number of organizations stuck with second- or third-generation legacy systems? Will the “perimeter” and “layered” security approach have to be disassembled in order to enter the fifth generation?

See how these cyber experts classify a “single point of control,” or “pane of glass,” for today’s security teams, and how that can cut down on unmanageable and disparate products.

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