Emirates airlines warns against phishing email attacks

May 30, 2020

emirates airline
Emirates warns against phishing attacks Image Credit: File photo

DUBAI: Emirates airline has cautioned the public against phishing email attacks that contain the subject “Your flight is cancelled: collect your refund”.

In an online update, the airline said, “These are not emails sent from Emirates.”

What is phishing?
Phishing is a cybercrime in which people are contacted by phone, email, or text messages by someone pretending to be a legitimate institution. The aim is to extract sensitive data such as passwords, ID information and banking and credit card details.

“Please be careful to protect your personal information and don’t respond or click on links in such emails. The easiest way to detect a fake email is to look at the email address it was sent from. All official emails from Emirates are sent from one of these two email addresses: emirates@e.emirates.email or do-not-reply@emirates.email,” it added.

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