Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck will end up smaller – but retain most of its large cabin

April 22, 2020

While Tesla Cybertruck’s production version will be smaller than the prototype unveiled last year, CEO Elon Musk assures potential buyers that it retain most of its large cabin space.

Over the last week,  CEO Elon Musk has made several comments regarding the Tesla Cybertruck.

He talked about how owners will need to wrap the electric pickup to get different colors, and he said that Tesla is updating the Cybertruck’s adaptive air suspension.

Musk also talked about the size of the electric pickup truck and tweaked the design.

Tesla “reduced the size by ~3%,” made the “center line more level,” and “lowered the window sill height.

We got a good look at what that would look like thanks to photoshop wizard Pablo Cubarle. Here’s another render of the Tesla Cybertruck with the modifications announced by Musk and an Electrek wrap to top it off (thanks Pablo):

While we have a good idea of what the Cybertruck would look like with these modifications, it wasn’t how clear how it would affect the passenger cabin.

Now Musk has confirmed that despite reducing the overall size of the Cybertruck by 3%, it would only affect the size of the cabin by about 1.5%:

That’s reassuring to many potential Cybertruck buyers since the interior cabin space was an important feature of the electric pickup truck when it was announced.

Tesla surprised many when they confirmed that you could sit 6 people in the vehicle:

At the launch event, Tesla gave test rides in the truck and people sitting in the back said that there was plenty of space for adults.

It will be interesting to see how Tesla solves the problem and if it ends up having to cut space somewhere else, like the 6.5-foot bed – though that’s unlikely.

Tesla has been aiming to start production of the Cybertruck in late 2021 and we are expected to learn more about the changes from the prototype to the production version as we approach the new year.

The company is also currently “scouting locations” for the “Cybertruck Gigafactory” in the central US, and it is in talks with a few states about incentive packages.

Tesla is expected to announce an official location for the electric pickup truck manufacturing plant soon in order to be able to stick to its 2021 timeline to deliver the Cybertruck.

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