BlueLeaks: Hackers Targeting the Law Enforcement Agencies and Fusion Centers

June 25, 2020

Cybercriminals often use doxing tactics to reveal sensitive details about law enforcement agencies publicly. A similar cyber incident has recently resulted in the leak of massive amounts of information related to more than 200 US law enforcement agencies.

BlueLeaks - a plethora of secrets revealed

Several fusion data centers, that are being used for storing data for hundreds of US law enforcement agencies across the country, were targeted by attackers, and the stolen data was leaked through the so-called ‘BlueLeaks’ archive.
  • Recently, hacktivist group dubbed ‘Distributed Denial of Secrets’ (DDoSecrets) had leaked 296 GB of data, that contained sensitive information about more than 200 US law enforcement agencies and fusion centers.
  • The leaked files, dubbed BlueLeaks, included more than one million files, like emails, videos, audio files, scanned documents, etc., that contained sensitive information like names, bank account numbers, and phone numbers.
  • Most of the files were labeled " Inc," the web hosting company based in Houston Texas, that provides web hosting for many US law enforcement agencies and fusion centers.

Law enforcement agencies targeted globally

Since the past few months, several Law enforcement agencies around the world are facing threats of data theft or leak. 

  • Earlier this month, some hackers were identified and arrested, who were found using suspicious equipment inside the networks of Slovakian law enforcement and judiciary agencies, for wiretapping purposes. Two of these arrested people were high-ranking officials inside the Slovak government agency National Network and Electronic Services Agency (NASES).
  • In February, Clearview AI, the facial-recognition contractor working with Law enforcement agencies, reported that an intruder hacked into its systems, and had stolen its entire client list. The company was working on 3 billion images scrapped from the internet, including from Facebook, YouTube, and Venmo.

Who is DDoSecrets?

DDoSecrets is a group of transparency advocates, that first appeared around the end of 2018. The group has been credited with the leak of a voluminous archive of material, called the “The Dark Side of the Kremlin”, hacked from Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs in January 2019.

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