Airtel upgrades security measures amid likely cyberattacks

June 23, 2020

Airtel upgrades security measures amid likely cyberattacksNEW DELHI: Bharti Airtel has upgraded the SOC to a higher threat-level status for the next 5-7 days in the wake of likely cyber attacks. The telecom operator has asked its business enterprise customers to take proactive steps in the wake of growing cyber threats.

"We have come across media reports on the potential surge in cyber-attacks such as DDoS, Malware attacks, and defacement of websites. We have also witnessed an increase in such Cyber activity during our security operations. These attacks threaten to not only disrupt critical business operations but also impact your brand’s reputation," Airtel said in a communication to its enterprise customers in India. ETTelecom has reviewed Airtel's communication.

India's nodal cyber security agency CERT-In recently put out an advisory against likely phishing attacks.

Airtel works with half a million SMEs and 2000 large enterprises.

Airtel said that most employees are continuing to work from home, which has further increased their vulnerability to such attacks, particularly phishing attacks. To defend against this looming combination of threats, organizations need to take the necessary steps to fortify their cyber resilience framework.

Airtel has urged its customers to take proactive measures such as continuous monitoring of network traffic for all channels, which include email, the internet, and others. It has also asked enterprise customers to enable geo-location monitoring for traffic coming from neighboring countries. "If there is no business reason to receive such traffic, it needs to be blocked."

The telecom operator has recommended the installation of updated patches on all assets/webpages, which are accessible via the internet, besides encouraging them to harden server and application infrastructure.

It has also advised all employees working from home to update the anti-virus and other software patches.

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