80% hacking attacks linked to bad password habits: Report

June 8, 2020

Nearly 80% of hacking attacks are password-related breaches, claims a latest report by Secure Link. As per the report, even in 2017, almost the same amount of hacking-related breaches were linked to passwords. And the trend has continued, says the report terming it a cause of concern.

The findings of the report reveal that phishing is a common way that hackers adopt to get access to internet users credentials.

“Not only is this an easy way for hackers to get into one account, but if your administrator doesn’t use unique passwords across different platforms (both professionally and personally), then there is a whole wealth of information that is available to take,” says SecureLink’s report.

Further, in many organisations, these credentials allow access to different corners of the network. “Neglecting the process of secure access management creates particular vulnerabilities in the case of vendors and former employees – an issue to which many organisations should pay close attention,” said the report.

The report further adds that people continue to adopt outdated practices, placing their security at risk. These may include writing down a password somewhere or using passwords that can be easily guessed. In order to make people adopt safe password practices, the report lists some tips that it wants people to adopt:

- Ensure you use a strong password.
- Implement two-factor or multi-factor authentication.
- If the account gets breached, reset all passwords.
- Never have the same password for all accounts/logins. This is to ensure that if one of your passwords is stolen or misused, at least the breach will be limited to that platform/account only.

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